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Long Beach Unified School District,  Information Services

Key Technologies:  Novell NDS, ZENworks and Managewise, Compaq Insight Manager, CiscoWorks.
In the second quarter of 1999, Long Beach Unified School District upgraded their SASI attendance software from the AS/400 based version to a client server based version.

LBUSD estimates that they added over 600 workstations and 80 servers for the SASI XP client server version.  LBUSD now benefits by having NWAdmin as a single management interface for both and Netware Directory Services (NDS) and Novell's ZENworks. NDS is the industry-standard, hierarchical database that stores comprehensive information about network users and resources.  LBUSD especially likes ZENworks for its ability to leverage NDS to efficiently create workstation policies that are designed to protect the Desktops’ configurations from any user changes that usually lead to help desk support calls. When there is a support call, it can be handled much faster with the built in remote control feature in ZENworks.

In the past, the District’s management staff had experienced an estimated twelve to sixteen hours a week of Netware related management (i.e. adds, moves & changes).  Although the user base has increased dramatically, the number of Netware related support hours has remained constant at twelve to sixteen hours a week.

Overall, the Long Beach Unified School District has more than quadrupled the amount of workstations and tripled the amount of servers without adding any more support staff to the IS Department … a pretty amazing fact in itself.  LBUSD’s Network Administrator feels their management tools were key, such as Novell’s ZENworks for Desktops, Novell’s ManageWise, Compaq’s Insight Manager for servers, and CiscoWorks for routers and switches.
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