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Pacific Hospital, a 171 bed hospital with 300 nodes, asked SystemLink to research and recommend a firewall to protect their main internet access point.  The hospital also wanted to allow its many affiliates and doctors offices secure access to the hospital’s Compucare Affinity application.

SystemLink researched the Firewall and VPN market and recommended the Netscreen firewall/VPN appliance for it's superior speed and suitability to Pacific Hospital's needs.

SystemLink installed a Netscreen 10 at the main internet entry point to thwart hackers and to serve as a VPN connection point. The remote doctors offices and clinics with broadband DSL or Cable use the Netscreen 5 to access the Compucare Affinity application securely through a VPN tunnel. Users with modems dial-up their internet provider and also enjoy a secure internet connection to the Affinity application through Netscreen Remote VPN software. Users are often oblivious to the fact that they are accessing Affinity over the internet at speeds similar to their local area network connection due to Affinity's efficient use of bandwidth and Netcreen's high performance encryption and decryption.

As a surprising side benefit, Pacific Hospital realized that after the Netscreen 10 was installed, their internet access was faster.  Why?  Because Netscreen took the burden of filtering traffic off of their router, freeing up the router to do what it does best …route.

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