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Who We Are

SystemLink was founded in 1989, and has a solid history of successfully providing enterprise network solutions. Some 85% of our accounts started as LAN-to-IBM host integrations. Once we establish a relationship with a client, we then examine that client's future goals, to make sure those goals and our capabilities coincide. When tasks are out of our range of expertise, we don't hesitate to say so.

If you are like our typical customers, you already have a competent IS staff who maintain enterprise networks with in-house personnel. However, in some cases you will need help with a difficult or unique situation. For example, if you wanted to deploy a directory-based web portal from which all information could be accessed, we would help with a technology-transfer program that focuses on reducing the time your staff need to learn a new networking technology. 

In a more challenging requirement, such as evaluating your network security needs, we would review with you the best, most effective options. In either case, you benefit from our wealth of experience and focus on network infrastructure.

And for a little about our founder...

read about Malcolm McColl,

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