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When we first contacted Hope International University, they were experiencing daily interruptions of internet service not to mention many hours of frustrating troubleshooting with no end in sight. MIS Director, Derek Mangrum, was suspicious of a conflict between their applications and Microsoft Proxy Server.  SystemLink proposed to replace the MS Proxy Server with a Netscreen 10 firewall/VPN appliance and re-design their network to incorporate a demilitarized zone for their externally accessible applications like the DNS and Web Servers.  The internal network segments would be protected by the Netscreen 10 firewall and only users with authorized VPN connections would be allowed through the firewall to access internal resources.

SystemLink has been great to work with on this project. I finally feel like we have a real solution in place.  My users appreciate the new stability of our Internet connection. My pilot VPN users are excited about the possibilities VPNs offer. SystemLink has been there from the beginning and did not drop out of sight after the initial installation. I really appreciate the on-going support and attention.
Derek Mangrum
MIS Director

Hope International University has long term plans for rolling out more VPN connections to several affiliate campuses across the United States.

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