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Malcolm McColl

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Malcolm McColl began working in the computer industry in 1983, barely a year after the first micro-to-mainframe emulators had been developed. After specializing in data communication sales at the distributor level, in 1985 he opened the Southwestern office of CXI, Inc., the number two manufacturer of micro-to-mainframe links. Novell then purchased CXI for its 3270 gateway technology. That technology, which would be continued to be developed by of Novell and IBM, is now known as the SAA Gateway.

Malcolm realized the need for specialists to fill a gap in connectivity services that the large retail chains were unable to fill. In 1986 he joined a small connectivity-services firm as their sole micro-to-mainfram specialist. With his prior experience, and guidance from his professors in the USC MBA program in entrepreneurship, he formed his own firm, SystemLink, in 1989.

Where many pretend to know everything about computer products, from web site design to printers, Malcolm has chosen to specialize in the field of connectivity. He has taught both for and to Novell's Communications Products Division (the IBM 3270 group) in Sunnyvale, California.


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